Church Services






DeliTeens is the teens’ church at DCIU. We are Jesus fanatics and one of the noisiest churches in Nairobi. The ministry began in the late 1980’s as the first cohort of the Sunday school grew into teenage-hood. Over the years, we have grown to about 350 members on a ‘regular’ Sunday with numbers swelling to more than twice that over the high school holidays. Our vision is to raise a God fearing generation that is able to stand strong and present the word of God in schools to the glory of God. Our mission is straight to the point: Launch vi-deep, Develop vi-broad and Impact vi-major!Objectives To raise a generation of saved and God-fearing teenagers To provide an environment for growth of young people To teach the Word of God to the young generation To equip young people to present the gospel to the world.We believe in Jesus and that He died on the cross for our redemption and the Holy Spirit is our guide in our day to day lives. We believe that everything we do should be geared toward raising a generation that is strong and dependent on the Word of God. We believe that the way to a better and brighter future is dependent on a better and brighter young generation in the present.

In addition, DeliTeens also has other engagements:

IGNITE – This is a teen-centric discipleship program that runs from 8-9 a.m. before the DeliTeens service. We hold a crash-program during the school holidays for the boarders
Small Groups – These are special cells for Teens that meet every third Sunday of the month after the DeliTeens service
Prayers and Bible Study – Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, you can’t afford to miss prayers and Bible study every Thursday at the Teens’ sanctuary 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Our Programs

1. Doulos School of Excellence
The Doulos School of Excellence is an intensive program for those who’ve completed high school designed for mentorship and leadership development. The program has had numerous successes since its inception in 2010 as an upgrade for its predecessor -Lightforce.
2. Pure Deal
The Deliteens family organizes this annual forum to help young people address the challenges in relationships and empower them to make tough, Godly life-decisions.
3. I4C
I4C (In for Christ) is a facet of our ministry for all those who can express themselves through dance. They are surely high in talent, enthusiasm and love for God.
4. Echoes of Grace
The Deliteens worship team is anointed and passionate about loving on God and leading others into His presence. Birthed in 2008, Echoes has been a hub for great artists and worship leaders who have gone far and wide by the grace of God. The team comprises a band and vocalists.