Sunday Services





We are mighty men who are God-fearing, and are examples of Christ in the family, the church and in the society. Our mission is:

  1. To Raise an Army of God in our generation
  2. To Train men to take their place in Ministry
  3. To Bring up our families in the fear and ways of God and be Christ’s example in the society
  4. To raise men who have the passion to serve God and humanity.

As men in our homes, our communities and at DCIU, our objectives are to DEVELOP –  train men to take initiative in leading and become positive influencers; PROTECT – to keep safe from harm or injury; MENTOR – older men to advise or train young men; SERVE – to perform duties or service for others and for the DCIU family.


1. ROPS: The Rites of Passage is held every year as a safe, Christ-centered space to mentor boys who have completed Class 8 as they venture into a new season.
2. Man Enough: This is an 8 week challenge for adult men, ran in conjunction with Transform Nations. It “empowers men to understand real masculinity, find a safe space for authentic, raw and manly conversations, connect with other men, embrace purpose & significance and, face personal challenges to become better men”.
3. Men’s prayers every Saturday morning from 7-9 a.m.

The Men’s Ministry is organized according to small groups called the Houses of Prophets.
1. Amos
2. Daniel
3. Ezekiel
4. Hosea
5. Isaiah
6. Jeremiah
7. Samuel
8. Zechariah
These houses meet on a monthly basis to share and pray together as well as organize to carry out activities in line with our objectives.